Mental Health Care Peer Learning Collaborative

Online | January 11-December 6, 2023

This program will take place online, in monthly one-hour sessions, from January 11-December 6, 2023. Fill out the form to download the program brochure!

Those who have completed Foundations of Mental Health Care and Scaling Up Mental Health Care Services are invited to take Mental Health Care Peer Learning Collaborative, which is the third and final program within Harvard's Certificate of Specialization in Mental Health Care Leadership.

This course will assist participants to find innovative solutions to real-life problems by sharing experiences and expertise with peers and faculty in monthly sessions and an online discussion board. These collaborations will open avenues for conversations about:

  • The latest developments in evidence-based programs across the world
  • The applicability of innovations in the participant’s settings
  • The key points taken from the successes and failures of peers and program faculty
  • The peer group’s unique real-life problems as topics for in-depth consultation

Download the brochure to learn more about this collaborative online mental health care course.