Applied Risk Communication for the 21st Century

Online | September 17-20, 2024

This program will be delivered online daily from 9AM-12:15PM ET, September 17-20, 2024

More than any other public health crisis in recent memory, the pandemic emphasizes the necessity of effective health and risk communication. This applied program will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to design effective risk communication messages that improve communication outcomes, increase trust in your organization, reduce public anxiety, and help key stakeholders make better decisions. 

Leading experts will draw on both previous pandemics to illustrate concepts in the program and explore implications for practice. This includes: 

  • Explicitly discussing misinformation and disinformation in the context of COVID-19 

  • How to effectively communicate risk during the emergence of an infectious disease 

  • Analyzing a case study on providing COVID-19 information to vulnerable communities